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We are mindful of the different aspects of the traders’ needs. Trading in financial markets must be cost-effective, rapid, and secure. 

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Free practice CFD and
Demo trading account
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Trade more than
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Market hours
Investing1 services

easy trade and safety

Trading with Investing1 is easy,interesting and safe.

Trade from anywhere

You can trade from your mobile , tablet , laptop and anywhere.

Technical and basic analyses

Investing1 provide you technical and basic analysis continuously.

Video and lessons

We provide you video and lessons for the new traders and it’s easy to learn.


We offer trading platforms so you can whenever you want and wherever you want.

Customer support

We support you ( 7 days per week, 24 hours per day) ready to answer all querie.


offers you the best terms and conditions in the stock market, in addition to the special offers, remunerations, and the bonuses. It also provides you with what you need to achieve a successful trading.