Agricultural Commodity Trading

Agricultural Commodity Trading

Investing1 offers lots of agricultural commodities to trade using CFDs in order to make it possible to diversify your portfolio and manage risks easily. We will mention the most important traded agricultural commodities. 

  • 1- Corn

  • - Corn is one of the main food commodities and is the largest agricultural crop cultivated in the world.
  • - Corn is characterized by its versatility; it is used in animal feed and corn syrup, as well as being used as an environmentally friendly energy source.
  • - The United States is the largest producer of corn, followed by China and Brazil.
  • - Corn is traded on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CBOT).

  • 2- Wheat

  • - Wheat is a type of grain grown in almost all countries. It is a part of more than half of foods.
  • - Wheat is considered the third largest agricultural crop after both corn and rice. It is the first crop in terms of commercial volume compared to other agricultural crops.
  • - China, India, the United States and Russia are the main producers of wheat, respectively
  • - wheat is traded on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CBOT).

  • 3- Sugar

  • - Sugar is one of the main agricultural crops extracted from sugarcane by around 70 % and 30 % from sugar beet.
  • - Sugar extracted from sugar cane is the most famous for its low cost.
  • - Sugar is the most popular substance used in sweeting. It has other uses in ethanol production.
  • - Brazil, India, China and the European Union produce about half of the world's sugar while the United States is its largest consumer.
  • - Sugar is traded on the Intercontinental Commodity Exchange ( ICE )

  • 4- Coffee

  • - Coffee is one of the most popular hot drinks in the world. It is one of the most important agricultural traded commodities. There are types of coffee: Robusta and Arabica, the latter being the largest.
  • - Brazil and Colombia are among the most productive countries, Europe and the United States the most consuming.
  • - Coffee is traded in the Intercontinental Commodity Exchange (ICE)

  • 5- Cotton

  • - Cotton is a fiber that is extracted from cotton plants that contains fiber seeds. These seeds are separated from the fibers in a process called the cotton-ginning.
  • - Cotton grown in the highlands is the most common species in the world, and there are other species of cotton such as Egyptian cotton, Asian and American Pima.
  • - Cotton is produced in tropical and subtropical regions and is mostly used for clothing and textiles.
  • - The United States, India, China and Pakistan are among the most productive countries with a total of two-thirds of world production.
  • - Cotton is traded in the Intercontinental Commodity Exchange ( ICE )

Factors affecting agricultural commodity prices

  • - The amount of supply and demand in markets.
  • - The climate It affects agricultural crops.
  • - The political situation in the producing countries.
  • - Diseases affecting crops.
  • - Decisions made by the governments of importing and exporting countries.
  • - Production costs and competitiveness.

Features of trading agricultural commodities with Investing1

  • - Take advantage of the changing prices of agricultural commodities.
  • - Financial leverage up to 1:400.
  • - Low spreads to increase your profits.
  • - Very fast speed in executing commands.
  • - Technical support during the trading period.
  • - Take advantage of daily analyzes.

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