Currency Trading

Currency Trading

Currency trading or CFD trading is one of the financial markets and does not have a specific geographical location or a center in which trading operations happen. Moreover, investment in it is done through the change in the exchange rates of currencies through exchanging between two currencies.

The currency market was able to occupy the first position as the largest financial market in the world after its volume of trading reached more than 3 trillion USD per day, which is equivalent to three times the volume of trading in the stock market and futures due to its widespread, especially with the advent of the Internet which made it very easy for traders.

Currency trading is done by means of an intermediary between the trader and the bank where Investing1 assumes this role by providing trading platforms, most notably the MetaTrader 4 platform where pairs purchases and sales are made. As a simple example, you assume that you have bought Euro currency, you would be selling the opposite currency directly.

Types of Currency Pairs:

There are main currencies on which trading is based by over 70% of the total trading, these currencies are: Euro (EUR), Sterling Pound (GBP), Japanese Yen (JPY), Swiss Franc (CHF), Canadian Dollar (CAD), Australian Dollar (AUD), and New Zealand Dollar (NZD).

1 - Main Pairs:

They are the pairs where the US dollar is paired with one of thee main currencies such as: EUR / USD - GBP / USD - USD / JPY - USD / CHF

2 - Hybrid Pairs:

They are the pairs which are formed by two main currency pairs, such as: EUR/GBP – GBP/JPY- EUR/JPY – CHF/JPY – EUR/CHF – GBP/CHF.

3 - Untraded Pairs:

They are pairs which one of them is a main currency with the currency of an emerging country such as: EURTRY (Euro against Turkish Lira)

The Most Traded Currencies:

United States Dollar (USD):

It is the currency of the United States of America, which is the most economically powerful country which has contributed to making its currency used as a benchmark to compare the value of other currencies.

- The trading ratio of the US dollar is about (87%).

Euro (EUR):

It is the currency of the European Union countries controlled by the European Central Bank located in Frankfurt, Germany.

- The Euro trading ratio is about 31%.

Japanese Yen (JPY):

It is the currency of Japan and is characterized by its low value as a result of the intervention of the Bank of Japan whenever the price of the currency rises significantly.

- The trading ratio of the Japanese Yen is about 21%.

Sterling Pound (GBP):

It is the currency of the United Kingdom "Britain" and it’s characterized by being covered by the guarantee of assets, which makes it on of the most dangerous currencies and the most profitable.

- The trading ratio of the Sterling Pound is about 13%.

Australian Dollar (AUD):

It is the currency of Australia, and it is very similar to the Sterling Pound because it is covered by a guarantee of assets.

- The trading ratio of the Australian Dollar is about 7%.

Most Traded Pairs:

1 - Euro against US Dollar (EURUSD) with a ratio of 23%.

2 - US Dollar against Japanese Yen (USDJPY) with a ratio of 18%.

3 - Sterling Pound against US Dollar (GBPUSD) with a ratio of 9%.

4 - US Dollar against Canadian Dollar (USDCAD) with a ratio of 4.5%.

5 - US Dollar against Chinese Yuan (USDCNY) with a ratio of 4%.

Factors Influencing Currency Rates:

The currencies are affected by the state of their respective countries and their economy in the first place. Among these factors:

- The currency’s supply and demand

- Interest rate and inflation

- Set currency rates

- Political situation

- The connection between goods prices and currencies

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