Dash Currency

Dash Currency

What is the Dash currency

Dash currency is a decentralized coded currency in the Blockchain system. It is very similar to the Bitcoin currency because it is one of branches of the system with some improvements to make its transactions immediate, private and also decentralized.

Dash currency first appeared on January 18, 2014 under the name "S Coin”. Ten years later, it took a new name  "Darkwin" before settling on the current name "Dash" on March 25, 2015.

The Dash currency is the seventh largest currency since its day-to-day trading value crosses $ 100 million, with experts expecting the number to reach $ 1 billion a day.

Specification of Dash Currency

The encryption system algorithm of Dash is "X11”. The Blockchain requires about two and a half minutes to process it. In addition, the annual production of coins decreases by 7%.

Characteristics of Dash

- Dash works using Dark Sand System, which makes it impossible to track transactions.

- Block time is approximately two minutes and a half.

- The difficulty system uses DGW.

- A decentralized network of Masternode.

Features of Dash

- The technology used in Dash is so powerful. It permits immediate conversion with no possibility of recovering money in a short time.

- Balances and electronic portfolios are highly protected with privacy in transactions.

- It is possible to to make conversions from any place or time and without any additional expenses.

- It has the cheapest conversion prices compared to the quality of services.

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