Economic Calendar

Economic Calendar

The importance of economic calendar in circulation

The economic calendar is a calendar that is posted in the websites of economic companies and brokerage companies to clarify the most important news and timing and its impact on financial markets.

Usually, the weekly calendar is uploaded at the beginning of each week to help traders in their basic analysis. It also warns traders of the danger of trading a currency before the news related to it being announced.

The importance of economic calendar in circulation

A lot overlooks the economic calendar, but professionals are very interested in it to avoid the risks that may occur in the market after the news being announced. Therefore, we will explain the importance of the economic calendar in circulation:

v It enables you to know any asset affected by the news as well as knowing experts’ expectations of results.

v It enables you to Know the time of news. In this case, you should be alerted to the need to set the timing of the calendar according to your local time.

v It is possibility to find good trading opportunities when doing good basic analysis.

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