FAQ page provides answers to inquiries you may have about all trading

• Questions on Trading

1 - How do I start trading?

You can start trading after opening a real trading account, uploading the supporting documents, and receiving an e-mail states accepting your account. Then, you can deposit and trade through the platforms provided by the firm.

2 - I am new to trading, what should I do?

Do not worry, the firm provides educational materials in the education section for beginners. In addition, we provide a book about trading, which you can request.

3 - What are trading times?

The trading market opens from Sunday evening at 22:00 to Friday evening, 22:00 GMT.

4 - What are the trading financial assets of the firm?

The company provides real and cryptocurrencies, metals, commodities, indices, and stocks.

5 - What is the company's leverage?

The company offers a leverage between 1:1 and 1:1000 depending on the size of the capital.

6 - What is spread?

Spread is the price difference between supply and demand. The company offers two types of spread, fixed and variable.

7 - Do you allow Scalping?

Yes, short term transactions "Scalping" are allowed.

8 - Do you permit trading during news time?

Yes, news time trading is permitted.

9 - Do you allow hedging?

Yes, hedging is allowed.

10 - Can I change the leverage?

Yes, you can change the leverage.

11 - If I lose contact, do you close the open centers?

No, the centers remain open even if you are logged off. However, if you rely on the Expert, it will not work until you sign in.

12 - Can I trade with one click?

13 - Do you provide technical analysis?

Yes, the company provides technical analyses for a variety of popular financial assets.

14 - Do you offer an economic calendar?

Yes, the company offers economic calendar free of charge to customers and visitors.

15 - Do you offer partnership programs?

Yes, we offer partnership programs for agents; we provide white label program as well as IB agency program.

16 - Do you allow residents of the United States to open an account?

Unfortunately, accounts can not be opened to residents of the United States currently.

17 - Do you support futures?

No, we do not support futures transactions, only spot deals.

18 - How can I manage risks?

One of the common ways of risk management is to set stop loss and take profit mode so that your loss will not worsen during your absence when you set stop loss. As for taking profits, it is for closing the transaction on a profit if the price reaches the point you set and avoid a market reversal.

19 - I have other questions whic I did not find, what should I do?

It is simple, you can talk to the support service directly via the available means of communication and in your preferred language as well.

• Questions About Trading Accounts

1 - How do I open a trading account?

All you have to do is to choose the account type you prefer, and then click the Open Real Account button. The registration form appears. Fill in the form to receive an e-mail stating that the trading account has been successfully opened.

2 - How long does it take to open a trading account?

The process does not require a long time only. It is only completing the registration form.

3 - What are the available accounts?

The company provides the following accounts: - Demo Account - Mini Account - Classic Account - Silver Account - Golden Account - VIP Account. You can also convert these accounts into an Islamic Account.

4 - What is the minimum value to open a real trading account?

The minimum starts at 200 USD, you can take a look at the minimum value in the trading accounts pages.

5 - Can I change the main currency of the trading account?

You cannot change the currency, but you can open a new trading account with the same personal data and choose the preferred currency.

6 - Do you provide Islamic accounts?

Yes, you can convert all the accounts provided by the company into Islamic accounts. You only have to submit a conversion request to the support service.

7 - For how long does the Demo Account remain active?

The duration of Demo Accounts in our firm is unlimited if the account is active. However, if no activity is recorded within 3 months, it will be automatically closed.

8 - What is the difference between a Demo Account and a real one?

The only difference between the Demo Account and the real account is the fact that the funds exist because trading in the Demo Account is done with fake funds.

9 - Can you lose more money than the deposit value?

You cannot lose more money than the value of your deposit because the company offers you protection from the negative balance.

10 - Do you provide funds protection?

The company has developed a plan to protect clients’ funds, including the separation of police funds from the clients’, as well as the diversification of bank accounts. In addition, the company's obligation under financial treaties to provide full coverage of customer funds.

11 - Can you open more than one account?

Yes, you can open other accounts, and it is better to have the same recorded data.

12 - Do you close my account if it was marginalized?

Real accounts that contain no credit will not be closed and will be archived if no activity is recorded on them within 3 months.

13 - Are there charges for non-trading?

There is no charge for accounts that do not have a balance after 3 months of non-trading, while accounts with balances will be charged a monthly fee of up to 5 USD.

14 - Can I change the account type?

Your trading account can not be changed, so you need to open a new account.

• Questions About the Supporting Documents

1 - What are the supporting documents required to verify the account?

- A copy of a valid identification card or passport in addition to the driver's license or any document issued by an official body containing the full name, date and place of birth, date issued, and expiration date.- A recent invoice bill of electricity, water, telephone or a bank statement provided that it was issued within the last six months.

2 - Why do you require sending supporting documents?

Licensed firms are required to obtain sufficient information about the clients from the license-issuing firms under the Know-Your-Customer principle by verifying identity and place of residence.

3 - Is it necessary for me to prove the place residence?

In order to be able to start trading and withdraw funds, you must prove your place of residence through one of the required documents.

4 - Should I re-upload the supporting documents when I open a new account?

No, if the old account data matches the new account’s, you will not be required to re-upload the supporting documents.

5 - Can I update my personal data?

Yes, you can update your personal data at any time, but if you update your address it will be necessary to prove your new residence.

6 - Why was I not able to upload documents?

You can speak to technical support and send documents via e-mail to the firm.

• Questions About Financial Issues (Deposit and Withdrawal)

1 - What are the methods of deposit and withdrawal?

The firm offers you several ways to use during the process of deposit or withdrawal such as credit cards, bank transfers, or through electronic banks. More details can be found on the Deposits and Withdrawals page.

2 - What is the deposit currency?

You can deposit in any currency and it will be converted directly to the main currency you have chosen in your trading account according to the current market price.

3 - If I make profits off of my trading, how do I withdraw these profits?

The withdrawal can be done by bank transfer or on the same deposit account if it is via electronic banks.

4 - When can I withdraw money?

You can apply for withdrawals at any time, and you shall receive the funds within 24 working hours, maximum.

5 - What is the minimum withdrawal amount?

There is no minimum amount for withdrawing funds unless they are imposed by the withdrawal instrument you have selected.

6 - How long do bank transfers take?

The duration depends on the country that will receive the funds; if the country is within the European Union, the duration will be 3 working days.

7 - Are there fees for deposits and withdrawals?

The firm does not place any fees on the deposit and withdrawal process because if you deposit 500 USD, you will find the same value in your trading account. The firm bears the transfer fees and all fees imposed by our banks.

8 - Can I deposit or withdraw through a family member or friend?

Given that the firm is licensed, we cannot allow third-party deposits or withdrawals.

9 - Can funds be transferred among trading accounts?

Funds can be transferred among trading accounts provided that such accounts have the same personal data, even if they differ in currency type.

10 - Can I withdraw funds while there are open positions?

Yes, you can withdraw your funds while there are open positions provided that the available margin exceeds the amount you requested to withdraw because if the amount of the available margin is not suitable for the centers to remain open, you will not be able to withdraw and you will have to reduce the withdrawal amount or close open positions.

• Questions About the Trading Platforms Investing1 Provides

1 - What are the platforms the firm offers?

The firm offers the famous trading platform mt4 and the SYRX platform (Tablet PC / Mobile / WebTrade).

2 - Are the platforms compatible with Mac OS?

Yes, the trading platforms provided by the firm are compatible with Mac OS.

3 - Why when I entered the login data I received an "Invalid Account" message?

If your account is genuine, this is because of a misspelled username or password. However, you can retype them and make sure or contact the support service. If your account is demo, in addition to a misspelled username or password, your account may have been 3 months old so you should open a new demo account.

4 - Can I access the trading platforms from another device?

Yes, you can access your account via trading platforms from any device.

5 - Can I access in more than one account on the trading platform mt4?

No, you can not login using more than one account at a time.

6 - Can you manage multiple accounts from a single platform?

Yes, multiple accounts can be managed from a single platform, but one account must be used at a time.

7 - I lost contact to mt4 trading platform, what should I do?

If you lose contact with mt4 trading platform, you can choose another server by clicking the right mouse button in the bar at the far right at the bottom of the platform.

8 - I forgot my password, what should I do?

If you forget the password for a trading account, you can contact the support service to resend it to you.

9 - Why can’t I see all the financial assets on the platform?

All financial assets can be viewed after right-clicking on the Market Monitor window and selecting "Show All".

10 - Why wasn’t I able to place a Stop Loss and Collect Profits order?

You cannot set the Stop Loss and Collect Profit in the execution mode, but you can add them after placing the order.

11 - Can the platform time be changed?

The platform's time cannot be changed, but you can download indicators for the time you want.