Gold Trading

Gold Trading

Gold is one of the most heavily traded metals in our time, due to the high returns that can be achieved, as well as being a safe haven during economic crises.

Gold has the symbol "USD / XAU” on the trading platform, i.e. gold against dollar. In addition, the trading of gold is not linked to the news of two countries, like currencies; rather, it is largely influenced by the US economy and its currency, the US dollar. The US news should be taken into consideration before making any decisions when trading gold.

You can use the same principles of technical and basic analysis on gold, and you can also make a profit in the case of the decline or rise. Moreover, the movement of gold is directly proportional to the movement of the US dollar.

Factors Influencing Gold Prices:

  • - The large increase in demand and the inability to meet it is the main factor in the continuous rise in prices.
  • - Gold trading becomes more frequent during economic crises, so it is necessary to watch global developments, especially in the developed countries.
  • - Continuous technological development would further raise demand on gold for its role in manufacturing.
  • - India is the world's largest consumer of gold by 700 tonnes a year, the increasing demand will raise prices.

Advantages of Gold Trading with Investing1:

  • - Benefiting from changes in gold prices
  • - Up to 1:400 leverage
  • - Low spreads to increase your profits
  • - Very high speed in executing commands
  • - Technical support throughout the trading period
  • - Benefiting from daily analyses

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