IB Proxy Program

IB Proxy Program

IB Proxy Program supports and encourages individuals who contribute to attract customers by allocating a bonus for each process carried out by one in their account. In other words, the more an individual attracts more trading clients, the more profit they earn. The aשmount of the bonus granted by the company is greater if the trades are more frequent.

How IB Proxy Program Works

1 - Obtain and post a redirection link on social media websites, between your friends, or on your own website.

2 - Traders register via your link and open their accounts.

3 - Traders start trading and doing deals.

4 - The partner receives a specified percentage of the price difference for each deal they do.

IB Proxy Program Works Advantages

v There are no conditions when you withdraw the bonus.

v An unspecified amount of bonus can be earned.

v There is no minimum for opening the deal.

v Provide accurate and detailed statistics.

v Great rewards for the best partners.

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