What is Litecoin:

Litecoin is a decentralized digital currency and the sister of the more famous currency, bitcoin, since it was its first offshoot. It was able to force its presence at the top of the list of currencies available on the world stage by ranking second as the most traded currency.

The first appearance of the litecoin was under the symbol “LTC” By the former Google staff member Charlie Lee on the 13th of October 2011, two years after the emergence of bitcoin with a market value of about 75 million dollars.

It had a distinguished start as it attracted traders' interest in late 2013 when its price rose over 14 fold, but this rise did not last long and its price remained at only 4 USD. Moreover, the rise in cryptocurrencies in early 2017 did not affect litecoin until the end of the year so that it broke the 100 USD barrier.

Advantages of the Litecoin:

v Very popular with traders just like bitcoin and ethereum

v Low conversion fees compared to its sister, bitcoin

v The ease of owning a litecoin wallet

v The transaction confirmation speed is four times faster than bitcoin

v The use of the hash algorithm, Scrypt, which uses less processing power

Litecoin Price:

At the time this article was composed, the price of litecoin was about 151 USD, with a market value of over 8 billion USD.

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