Oil trading

Oil trading

Oil trading

Oil is one of the most famous traded energy commodities because it is the main engine of international industries, which makes oil the most sought after commodity by countries and factories.

Today, oil trading has become a major investment, especially with technological advances and the internet system. Traders with small capital can benefit from the fluctuations in oil prices.

Oil contains many materials. The difference between these materials is mainly in the ratio of density and sulfur content. The greater the density of oil, the more valuable its materials are and the higher its price is.

The most famous types of traded oil

As we said earlier that oil is different from one place to another. The following are of the most famous types of traded oil:

  • Crude Oil It is the natural name of unrefined oil.
  • Brent Oil It is a classification of sweet crude oil extracted in Europe, exactly in the field of Norway, after whom it was named “Brent”.
  • WTI Oil A classification of sweet crude oil extracted in the United States, exactly in Texas.

  • Factors influencing oil prices

    • - The connection of the oil price to the US dollar makes the relationship between them directly proportional.
    • - Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) has a significant impact on oil prices, especially when taking decisions to raise or reduce production.
    • - The emergence of real fuel alternatives away from oil would affect its price.
    • - The political and economic developments of oil producing countries
    • - The deteriorating climate makes developed countries seriously consider environmentally friendly alternatives to reduce carbon emissions.

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