Investing1’s most important priority is the protection of customers’ privacy and data. It explains the ways of processing personal data and the purpose of its use, as well as the procedures used to protect this data from unauthorized access.

1 - Data collection and processing

When you register your personal data, you agree to the processing procedures when the data is collected. This data can be transferred to third parties in accordance with the above conditions until they are canceled by written notice.When requesting to open an account with us, we will ask you to register your private data for use in the event of any dispute between you and the company, and this information is necessary to identify the customer.

2 - Use of personal data

The personal data provided by the customer is used to verify his identity and contact information. It is also used when opening trading accounts. It also helps in direct communication when an emergency occurs or in case of new offers from the company.

3 - Sending personal data to a third party

Personal data is not allowed to be transferred except in the cases provided for in the agreement. The company may send it in case it is legally required or when receiving official notices from a judicial or governmental authority.

4 - Use cookies

Cookies are defined as a short text file sent by the server to our website to the client. This file does not contain things harmful to your device because its role is limited to support trading activities only.We may call external terminals to provide assistance in data collection and analysis.

5 - The initialization of the Convention

In the area of filling out the registration form, you will find “Agree to the Privacy agreement” box. Once this box is approved and your e-mail confirmation is activated, it will start working. Thus, you will continue to communicate with the company, and we will notify you of any changes or new services.By agreeing to the agreement, you agree to use information you send to us by e-mail except for personal information that is not allowed to be used except in legal cases.

Important note: 

The Privacy Agreement is subject to change and modification at any time. Therefore, we inform you that the company will publish the new agreement and send it to all customers in order to stay fully informed of the events taking place.If you have any suggestion or inquiry, you can contact the support service.

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