Ripple Currency

Ripple Currency

What is Ripple Currency?

Ripple - referred to by symbol “ XRP” - is the third most powerful digital currency in the market. It is produced by OpenCoin, which is a very reliable company since it is attracting several international investing companies, such as Google, Andreessen Horowitz and Lightspread Venture Partners on the first day of the company’s official launch in 2013.

The idea of ​​Ripple began in 2004 by Ryan Fugger. It was developed until 2013, which is the production date. In late 2014, the currency was used by international banks.

Characteristics of Ripple:

- Faster transaction in comparison with Bitcoin.

- Ripple costs less to transfer.

- The transfer process is not delayed because the purpose of creating Ripple is to facilitate major transfers.

RIBLE Currency Price:

Currently of 2018, Ripple is priced at about US $ 0.85 with a market capitalization of over 55 billion USD.

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