Share Trading

Share Trading

If any private company wants to increase its capital in order to expand, this is done through introducing the company's shares in the stock exchange in order to give investors the opportunity to obtain shares of ownership so that these shares are called "shares" that are sold.

The motive that makes investors interested in buying shares of certain companies is basically their expectation of a successful product or new project prepared by this company in the hope of making big profits.

Investing1 works to facilitate the purchase or sale of the most common shares listed on the New York Stock Exchange, London, or the rest of the world stock exchanges without imposing any fees on the trading of shares.

The Largest Companies by Market Value:

Alphabet (Google):

This is the mother company of the famous search engine “Google,” YouTube, and Chrome browser in addition to the Android system for mobile phones. Its market value reached more than 530 billion USD.


The company known for the production of iPhone and iPad in addition to many electronic devices. Its market value reached 520 billion USD.


The owner of the most famous operating system, “Windows.” Its market value reached 420 billion USD.


The owner of social media sites Facebook and Instagram as well as Whatsapp. Its market value reached more than 320 billion USD.

Advantages of Share Trading with Investing1:

  • - Trading of many global stocks
  • - Up to 1:200 leverage
  • - Competitive spread and immediate execution
  • - Multiple trading platforms
  • - Daily stock analysis
  • - Continuous technical support 24/7

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