Silver Trading

Silver Trading

Silver, a precious metal with brilliant white color, is very popular in jewelry

besides gold. Silver has many uses since it is the best electrical and thermal

connector for electrical appliances.

Silver is a safe investment for investors. They can resort to silver when the

market turns into stagnation or recession because it is an excellent way to

protect against inflation. Silver prices are stabilizing.

Silver trading is linked to US Dollar in the trading platform with the symbol

"USD / XAG”. Therefore, silver and other metals are affected by the dollar.

Factors Affecting Silver Prices

  • - The volume of production or its availability in the market has a significant impact on the fact that silver is of precious metals.
  • - When economic crises occur, large traders turn to metals, which raises their price.
  • - The movement of silver prices is almost similar to that of gold prices.
  • - High global demand for silver, for its multiple uses, contributes to rising prices.

Features of trading silver with Investing1

  • - Take advantage of the changing prices of silver.
  • - Financial leverage up to 1:400.
  • - Low spreads to increase your profits.
  • - Very fast speed in executing commands.
  • - Technical support during the trading period.
  • - Take advantage of daily analyzes.

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