Social Trading

Social Trading

Social Trading:

Social trading is one of the easy ways Investing1 provides to share experience among professionals and beginners. Any trader can view the results and orders of others in order to copy their deals and learn from them.

Social trading allows the inexperienced beginners to achieve their goals in trading of making a profit and leveling up towards professionalism easily. It also contributes to highlighting the capabilities of professionals and transferring them to the world class.

How the Social Trading Platform Works:

The social trading platform work principles can be drawn in three points:

v The possibility of viewing the trades of others in detail so that you can benefit from their experiences in trading.

v The possibility of following any trader you find good in trading, whose transactions make significant profits and less risky. A follow button is available to receive anything new from the trader you chose to follow.

v The possibility of copying the transactions of your preferred trader using the copy button so that their transactions are automatically opened and closed on your account without yout interference.

The Benefit of Social Trading:

Social trading is the best method used by beginners or thee inexperienced who can not conduct technical analysis and basic operations in the field of trading. Social trading may save you this trouble if you choose your favorite trader well and copied their transactions.

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