Trading Indicators

Trading Indicators

Trading Indicators

Trading indicators are a set of tools that are used in the chart to help technical analysis of the market. Although the indicators can vary, the trader can choose the most important indicators they sees fit for trading.

The principle of indicators is mostly based on the previous movement of prices. Thus the indicators do not give definite future results, rather they help predict the next trend.

Key Indicators Used:

There are a lot of technical indices that can be used in the analysis. However, using so many indices does not neccessarily enhance your expectation of the next movement. Therefore, indices must be tested to determine the pros and cons in order to know which indices can contribute to the success of your strategy.

1- Moving average There are types of moving average and the difference between them is in the time period in which the index counts the average price.
2- Relative Strength Index It is an index based on measuring price momentum in the recent period. Below the chart, we find  0%, 50% and 100% , which indicate the momentum type. If it is below the middle (50), this indicates the negative momentum and vice versa, i.e if it above the middle, it indicates a positive momentum.
3- Stochastic oscillator It is an index used to measure the degree of overselling or overbuying of assets. The ratios of 20% and 80% are the most important ratios in the index. If the index reaches 20% or less, it means that the price is oversold and may rise during the coming period. If the index reaches 80% or more, this means that the price is overbought and may fall during the coming period.

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