Why Trade With Us?

Why Trade With Us?

Investing1 provides several excellent offers and services for trading CFDs in various markets in order to be number one online broker company on the global level.

1 - Low Spread

We seek to provide the lowest possible spreads for the different accounts provided by the company. In addition, there are two types of price differences (fixed and variable). The fixed differences start from two points, while the difference varies from one point or less.

2 - Price transparency

The company is keen to provide the most accurate prices since it receives prices from the best financial sources and international stock exchanges. Moreover, it seeks to avoid errors that may harm the client or the company.

3 - The Company’s Low Commission

The commission taken by the company to execute the orders is low. The Commission is in the amount of price differences previously defined in fixed or variable differences.

4 - Trial Accounts The company

offers a free trial account with the same features of premium accounts. This is to learn trading methods and try different strategies, and most importantly, of all is to try trading with us.

5 - Professionalism and Security.

Investing1 uses the best technology to achieve the best protection for the traders’ data and transactions. Moreover, the Investing1 separates traders’ money from accounts of the company in international banks.

Why choose investing1 the best trading broker?

Customer support

7 days per week, 24 hours per day ready to answer all querie

Trade from anywhere

Web , mobile, smartphone and tablet

Technical and basic analyses
Easy and safe trading
A set of the most recent trading technologies

A set of the most recent trading technologies Video

and lessons for the new traders

including the distinguished

circus platform